Saturday, 18 August 2012

Televangelist - Crime Wave

Got a bit of a surprise today when I listened to this mainly because I hadn't realised before that they shared members with Daytes, but yeah was expecting kind of mathy noise rock like their last ep.. OK so it's not that instead they seem to have gone more in the same direction as Daytes that kind of progressive mathy indie thing, I will say its not as fast and twiddly as Daytes which to me sound like an indie fall of troy, it's got a similar vibe to it but definitely slower and more soundy if that makes any sense? Good little ep though in my book I look forward to these guys releasing a full length sometime. So this came out on the 8th of august and is up on the name your price thing on bandcamp so you can pick it up for free, good stuff! You can also pick up their last release there too, link to Crime Wave on their bandcamp here go have a gander.

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