Sunday, 26 August 2012

Reading Festival - At The Drive-In set and bits

So Reading festival for me was always going to be about one thing and that was having the first chance to see ATDI in the UK in over 11 years. I wasn't just gonna waste the whole ticket price and not see any other bands though, I also caught the Shins, wasn't that impressed with, Enter Shikari, they were a good laugh although whilst in the mosh pit there well on my way out I got an elbow to the nose which resulted in it being broken nice.. This wasn't so bad apart from when I went to the loo to get some tissue to mop up the blood of which there was lots I got accosted and taken to the medi tent. Bit of pain got stuck there for a while plus it was out of the arena and away form my mates plus they tried to make me stay there.. No way was that happening I was seeing At The Drive-In at all costs. Anyway after much ballacheing I was aloud to get on my way again. So then went and caught the Masterdon set, they were good. Sat through some other band I can't remember as I waited for ATDI, then finally it was time for them to come on. I must say it was incredible, not super packed in there, well it was at the front but not on the whole, but the atmosphere was brilliant everyone who was there really really wanted to be and the band came out and blew us all away, super tight played so many good tunes and just rocked out was literally amazing. For me was the best thing ever but then they are my all time number one band but still they didn't disappoint in anyway. Great to be there with everyone loving it so much and singing along to all the songs, waited so so long for that gig but it was worth it, if you get the chance go see them don't be a reformist hater they are so so good now the energy and presence is still there truly jaw dropping incredible.

 The set list was as follows:

'Pattern Against User'
'Sleepwalk Capsules'
'Napoleon Solo'
'Metronome Arthritis'
'Non-Zero Possibility'
'Catacombs'/'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore'
'One Armed Scissor'

  Yes BBC!

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