Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oh No, It's Birds

These are definitely one of if not the best band that just seemed to go nowhere and just disappeared without as far as I can tell making much of an impact which is a crying shame because they are awesome really really good! I mean I guess they are no more from this comment on their facebook page:

 "Thanks a lot for the continuing support guys. If anyone wants our records you can download them pretty much anywhere for free. Or if you're on iTunes a shit ton you can download Tall Tales the legit way there. As long as people are enjoying our tunes, that is ultimately what makes us happy.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support throughout the years...we had a blast playing for you.


 That was mid 2011 and at last check they had 164 likes hmm.. that's pretty much fucking ridiculous because I say it again they are AWESOME really really good. They play a sort of progressive post hardcore which kinda sits somewhere between At The Drive-In and The Fall Of Troy but that description doesn't really do justice to their sound. I have seen these guys up on some other cool music blogs which is good because I'm glad people are trying to get this stuff about because I'm sure more people really should be into this.. It kinda annoys me really tried to get a fair few of my friends into this band and it's fallen on deaf ears even though they like similar things, maybe because they are vaguely like atdi and tfot but seriously they are as good as either band in their own right and totally have their own individual sound grr! Anyway tried to find working links to all three of their releases but at the moment having trouble finding their first Ep but you can find their last release here Tall Tales the conscience Tells and their second here The Insides of a Broken Robot. Apparently Tall Tales the Conscience Tells is also on I-Tunes, so yeah if you like this sort of stuff really do yourself a favour check um out listen to them, do it with an open ear don't be another lame ass that has listened to this band and dismissed the genius don't do it to yourself! *Edit OK so this link works for A Stabbing In Shallow Water, their first release..

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