Thursday, 16 August 2012

Chronicles Of Adam West - We Walk Unbalanced

OK so this isn't new, but I was listening to this again today and I had forgoten just how good it was. So five dudes from Reading UK and if remember correctly they used to describe themselves as hardcore kids gone tech and I'd go with that. Unfortunately they didn't last long and only released this and a demo as far as I know. So heard these guys described as Dillinger Escape esc a lot.. Well I dunno maybe kinda but not really and I wouldn't really peg this as mathcore maybe just me. I'd definitely go with hardcore gone tech, blisteringly fast chaotic hardcore maybe with grindcore styled guitar leads, sounds good doesn't it? Just love the guitars on this some of them just sound twisting they sound like the music is collapsing on itself great stuff, some great musical breakdowns in there too and some nice interludes of quieter melodic parts to let you mind recover for a few seconds. This still sounds new to me even though it's getting on for five years old now. I do believe that one of the guys is still playing in the band Antares (the ones on holy roar not the gash ones!) who are also good might put something up on them sometime.. I would put up a download link for this but you can get it for like 2 quid from Holy Roar and you can check out the tunes there first too so it just seem wrong. Link here, shame the actual physical has sold out, though I do have it lucky me anyway definitely worth checking out if you haven't. I kick myself for not seeing them when they were about!!

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