Monday, 20 August 2012

And No Star - Shine Like Old Trophies

Stumbled across this again today, dunno why I haven't listened to this in a while because it's good stuff. Some busy instrumental post-rock from Wantage which is near Oxford. Dunno what happened to these guys never heard anything of them after this and after some researching I can't find anything about them.. So anyway I think this came out in 2005, though I'm not sure bit of a vague post this. All there is about these guys on the net is their myspace link here, where there is a slightly different version of the last track off this Ep the track Rats on DNA. So yeah this is basically post-rock I think, but always busy there are build ups in places but they move don't drag out and drain the music, so yeah if that sounds interesting you should check um out. Will post again on these guys if I find out any more or find more material. Link to the Ep here.

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