Sunday, 5 August 2012


So first post and for me it was pretty much a toss up between two bands, but basically as I'm seeing these guys next week and also because the blog's name kinda takes inspiration from one of their song titles thought I had better start it here. Anyway for those of you that don't know Refused are a Swedish hardcore punk band who originally formed way back in 1991 and were active until 1998 when they disbanded.. Luckily for me they reformed earlier this year and started touring again yay!! (I never got to see them first time round gutted) So for me the shape of punk to come was their crowning achievement, I can still remember the first time I heard it I was blown away. I basically had no idea that heavy music (bar atdi) could be this beautiful, convey so much energy and passion and be so well written before I listened to the them. What more can I say than that about this album but what more could you want from a hardcore punk band? For me anyway that is exactly what you want from that type of music it just makes you want to jump around and rock the fuck out. Just look at the crowd on the video says it all..  If you haven't listened to it before I implore you to go and do exactly that. I will add a bit more to the post next week after I've seen them but I imagine it will be along the lines of wow, awesome, amazing and I hurt now! I can't wait!

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