Sunday, 19 August 2012

Antares - l'esprit de l'escalier

If you caught the post on the Chronicles of Adam West you might have read that the guitarist that was in that band is in another, this is that band. So some more UK tech shiz think COAW bit different think more electronics maybe less chaotic sounding bit more spacey (haha I'm struggling a bit with this description) but yeah still ridiculously technical and sweet goodness. So this madness came out back in 2009 yeah and I've lost my physical and you can't buy it any more doh! So these guys also did a split with Rolo Tomassi which I will probably put up sometime. I just saw this quote about them had to put it up.

  "make ever other tech metal band look like that first band you were in, y’know the one that played at the school battle of the bands and covered oasis, blur etc"

Not my words but ha ha yeah maybe they are pretty insanecore.. Anyway if you liked the COAW stuff then definitely check this out here.

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