Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rolo Tomassi - Eternal Youth

To continue with the insane tech stuff one of my personal favourite bands woo! They recently announced a new album coming out this year, very exciting so yeah rolo post time. So this is a twin cd set or three Lp set and basically a collection of works by the band stuff from early releases rare stuff odd bits and remixes being the second part. This collection basically for me holds all of my favourite tunes by them and is sweeet, OK so some of the remixes aren't my thing but some of them are awesome good, I actually prefer the material on this to the stuff on their albums but that may just be me. Anyways for me defo one of the best bands to come out the UK since like ever plus Eva is hot (photo lol) I definitely need to go seem these again soon.. Right I'm rambling err yeah go check them and this if you haven't already.. we'll put this under the tags prog rock hardcore I think, heard people say mathcore but yeah no haha. Link to this here.

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