Monday, 13 August 2012

Refused - The gig post

OK so I totally intended to like take loads of photos of the gig and some film footage of Refused going off mental, but I basically got into the mosh pit and ended up having way to much fun to want to leave to go somewhere it would have been safe enough to do so.. So the gig well it was last night at the hmv forum in Kentish town down in London and basically was pretty much amazing. They totally rocked the fuck out, played loads of tunes off of the shape to come and some other choice tunes out of their back catalogue. Highlights of the gig for me were when they played Refused party programme that was mental really mental, also when Dennis Lyxzen jumped into the crowd from one of the side balcony bits that was pretty cool to watch. One of my other favourite moments was when they played the tune circle pit, you can probably imagine how the crowd reacted to that one, needless to say big circle pit. The only down points of the gig were right at the beginning when they rinsed out some annoying sound for what seemed like FOREVER whilst we waited for them to come on kinda annoying, and also how much they loved themselves up at the end, but I've got to say I can easily forgive them this for bringing it so fucking hardcore and totally owning it for the rest of the gig. Definitely goes down as one of the best I've seen and considering how much I was anticipating seeing them they didn't disappoint, spent the entire gig in the pit which I rarely do, its just too hot, nearly passed out from the heat, ended up being completely soaked through to my pants and left so dehydrated I was pretty much delirious but worth every minute and bruise I walked away with. So good.    

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