Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Loqto - Replication

Ahh so should have put this up back in Feb when it came out. Loved their demo  back here.

Yeah has some of the demo tunes on but still an epic technical math gem. If you like the demo you're probably gonna like this as well. their band camp 


I stumbled across these guys on calculus and whatnot the other day after they posted their new tune up. Brighton based band kinda chilled mathy ish Jazz meets post-hardcore and spoken word and screamo. Anyway they have been steadily growing on me since then. They have some pretty cool changes from the chilled to the hardcorer pieces. I'd check them out. the band camp place. The link will take you straight to their first EP but also check the new tune pretty cool stuff.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

ArcTanGent - 2015

                                 Image result for arctangent festival 2015

So recently went to this little festival near Bristol UK. This year had one of the most epic line ups of any festival I've ever seen.

This was it:

Basically is a truly great festival.
Highlights of the weekend for me were Rolo Tomassi, Talons, 100 Onces, Alright the Captain and well The Fall of Troy. Was truly great to see the Fall of Troy playing the UK again and in top form. Just two tiny niggles with the festival, it was pretty tiny which is cool but went you hmm erm get trashed it's pretty easy to find yourself walking end to end. Repeatedly.. Also the very few tools who for some stupid reason thought they were super cool hip or something for being there, some of them downright rude. Dudes everyone there likes descent music that's why they were there plus I know the music was pretty non main stream but I wouldn't class any of it as "underground" so I dunno why they thought they were some special musos. Luckily they were very much in the minority. Overall a totally epic festival and I hope next years line up will be equally as good. Anyways I'll leave you with my personal highlight of the weekend... Woo they are writing new tunes!!


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

All The Best Tapes - All The Best Tapes

Progressive math punk trio from Stoke in the UK. These guys are gearing up for their third release which is currently streaming over on punktastic, if you like your progressive punks you defo wanna check these guys out. Beautiful mixture of the progressive and punk that doesn't fall into the trap of being overly jarring. I also recommend checking out their back catalogue too, my personal favourite being the first release because for me it encapsulates a perfect mix of classic punk sounds and the prog maths.

All The Best Tapes

previous releases on the bandcamp

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Falcon Punch - Show Me Your Moves

These guys recently dropped their second release on UK label blood and biscuits. They rock a sound that's fusion of jazz, electronica, drum and bass and math to name a few. Definitely on the more chilled end of the aforementioned styles, all nicely brought together to produce some epic tunes. show me your moves

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Jennifer Lo Fi - Parto

tripping fur balls
Ouch ok so it has been just a little while between posts... But hey some new Jennifer Lo Fi is more than a good enough reason to come out and post. I loved the previous output from these and these two new tracks and a re working ( I believe) are still on the money. To be honest you've probably already checked this. Parto

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

treegrains - treegrains

These are a instrumental trio consisting of two guitarists and drummer. The sound these guys posses is fairly paradoxical, minimal sounding and yet mostly busy pretty straight up math rock. The tunes are much more interesting than the record cover... treegrains

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lightning For Legs - Atomics

Two piece UK based experimental sounding math, taking aboard a fair amount of noise rock alongside post rock elements. Pretty rocking except for the end of the last track which turns in to a bit of a ambient type wall o noise.. bar that a pretty sweet three tunes. Atomics

Monday, 16 September 2013

Eight Million Kami - Split with Betterment

Checked out these guys demos a while back and they have been coming on nicely. Experimentation heavy maths teaming with talent. They share this split with Betterment who are also worth checking out. Split

Death & The Ninth Day - Man Falls Down Well

Been waiting on this to come out a while since I checked out their first three tracks back at the start of the year, and have been pretty excited about it (to the extent I've also posted it over at plenty of swords). These guys haven't disappointed either. Sick instrumentals meshing together indie end tech metal, math rock prog to name a few things. Really good. Man Falls Down Well

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Loqto - 1st Demo

I wonder if this is actually their first demo.. pretty ridiculous if so. Instrumental math rock post rock post hardcore type tunes from this Japanese trio. Fast moving, stupidly technical as you'd expect from a Japanese mathy band, throw in the musical sense to write short and catchy tunes. Good times. Nearly forgot to say this is up for the full free bee on their bndcmp. 1st Demo

Without Maps - Capillaries

Nottingham based quartet. These bust out the post hardcore jams, energetic and angular with shouty vocals, ok so not any untrodden ground here but all nicely executed none the less. Capillaries

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Half Milk - Kept Mang

Quite liked the stuff these guys have been doing and had covered their last outing. Unfortunately it sounds like this is the last record from these as a band. Shame really as these do a good job rocking the math and post hardcore vibes with the emo vocal stylings. I'm happy to report they leave us on a high note however, bar  the odd slightly directionless moment this is pretty epic. Up for grabs on their bancamp name the price. Kept Mang  

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Holow Ran - Cold Phase online

A intricate clean math sounding two piece from Costa Mesa, California. Some pretty scatty moments, with some cool changes within. Ups on the bandscamp name the price. Cold Phase Online