Saturday, 18 August 2012

HREDA - ep one

Putting this up here for a couple of reasons, firstly like a bit of balance and recently been rocking out the heavies.. Secondly I don't usually like much post rock, but this is pretty good, well the first track is full on awesome. Thirdly I just realised these guys are no more, I think it's been for quite a while but still bit of a shame if my friend is to believed and I think he spoke to the guy, the guitarist left to be In This Town Needs Guns, "to make money" jokes, but fair enough I guess not that I'm sure that will work.. OK so I don't have anything else by these guys but this is good. So basically some noisy rocking post rock goodness, as I said earlier first track is I think Awsome, good build up breaks really well yay, second track bit of an ambient noise right off but hey post rock I guess, third track epic though the end goes on maybe a bit too long but then I don't really dig that part of post rock haha.. Apparently it's pronounced funny but I cant be bothered to write it out phonetically. So this is kind old and pretty hard to find, I don't think you can even buy it any more so here is a link to it go listen.

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