Sunday, 19 August 2012

Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez - Old Money

Feeling the prog today. Big big fan of Omar and going to see one of his other bands next week (not the Mars Volta) and I didn't want to do the obvious post, well not yet anyway so thought I would stick up one of my favourites of his solo efforts, plus one of my all time favourite drummers Jon Theodore (ex Mars Volta crew) plays on this.. So this came out in 2008 and is some dense progressive rock for you here, you can definitely hear elements of the Mars Volta's sound (unsurprisingly) in this and the Latino styling but as with a lot of his solo stuff has a more proggy spaced out warped and introverted feel to it, and no Cedric singing.. Really good album to feel like a space cake and just absorb the atmosphere of it, though might be a bit too disjointed for some Mars Volta fans but if you dig them and are feeling adventurous give it a go. Link to this here.

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