Sunday, 5 August 2012

Aminals - The Weird Horror Of Social Relevance

Right so this little two track was released back in March this year and is good stuff if you like stuff rocking and heavy, I do.. Love the breakdowns these guys do seriously rocking shit. So these guys come from over the pond in New England and go under the tags of Death Metal, Hardcore, Metal, Punk Experimental on their bandcamp I'd go for Hardcore punk but hey who cares. They Kinda remind me of Refused in some ways which is a good thing in my book. They used to go under the name Atomic Ballroom calamity and they were good then too.. They have all their stuff up for free download on their bandcamp  which is nice of them! Really looking forward to hearing a full length under the Aminals name. Anyway check out this two track here.

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