Monday, 10 September 2012

Split 7" - Bonjour/Invalids/Nai Harvest/Reno Dakota

Right so had been thinking about doing a post on Invalids and Reno Dakota for a while now, anyway turns out they are both on a four way split put out by Enjoyment Records (who are putting out Lions MNTZ on vinyl soon by the way yes!) with Bonjour and Nai Harvest so I thought what good opportunity to kill some birds with one stone and also check out some bands I hadn't previously listened to. Right so in case you don't know Reno Dakota play some math pop tunes with emo vocals and do it well the guys have put out some pretty catchy tunes to date. Invalids are a awesome math rock band think early maps and atlases inspired sweetness so good. So how how do the other two bands hold out their end of the split? Turns out pretty well, Bonjour give us some pop punk goodness while Nai Harvest play sort of punky emo and have also given a strong tune to the split. Basically real good all round release and well worth the checking out plus it's name your price on bandcamp sweet, you can also get the cool physical there like in the picture.

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