Saturday, 8 September 2012

Boutros Bubba - National Anthems

Dutch band playing some noise rock, math rock stuff and yeah it's pretty good.. So this came out back in 2009 and they do have a newer release than this but I prefer this one, not that its a bad release (it is very good) just like these jams more, maybe a bit faster moving on this record dunno. Kinda reminds me in some ways of Charlottefield which can't be a bad thing. Anyways a band thats definitely worth a check out, they have this and their other releases up to stream n buy on bandcamp.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Actually the 2009 album is called National Anthems, the 2012 one is Ridiculous Wrists. If you like this, you might also give Katadreuffe, Fine China Superbone, Gone Bald and Peal a try. Best wishes anyway! NM

  2. No worries good tunes! Oops sorry about that, was listening to ridiculous wrists at the time so accident waiting to happen. Thanks for the band recommendations will check them out. Thanks. NF